Raising Capital From Overseas Family Offices

Raising capital abroad may sound to some deal sponsors like an enormously costly proposition with high risks and low probabilities of success, yet the ease of capital movement in today’s global capital markets and the overseas’ interest in investing in high-quality, long-term strategic plays has made international capital raises significantly easier than the past. Still, if one tries to follow a domestic capital raise playbook for an international capital raise, the results a

You Just Had A Call With A Family Office, But How Do You Follow Up?

1. Share regular updates. Regular updates with accomplishments are a good excuse to check in with Family Offices so they see you meant what you said in your pitch and are creating value and potential return by achieving specific goals you outlined. 2. Tell stories. Tell stories. The ending should suggest maximum potential rewards from investing. It’s important to begin your process by locking in every fact and figure you can, and be able to call them up at a moment’s notice